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At NCFF, we love finding and creating new ways to connect with each other. We live in a unique time that has so many great tools for aiding that connection. Church isn't just something that happens on Sunday mornings. Church isn't a time and place. Being a part of a church is being involved in community, spending time with one another, and being able to connect when needs arise.
This is why we use the Church Center App. We want to have a tool that allows us to remain connected with each other and to have it all happen in one place.

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What is Church Center?

Church Center is a mobile app that connects you to the church throughout the week. It's a multipurpose application that helps you to stay connected with your small groups, Bible study groups, and all of the weekly happenings at NCFF. When you download it and get connected, you'll be able to access the church calendar, message your small groups, online giving, watch last week's sermon, and pre-check your kids for NCKids and NCFF Youth meeting times.

How do I sign into the app?

At NCFF, our staff uses Planning Center, which is a digital church database and toolkit for doing effective ministry. It truly does act like another staff member! Every person that signs up for events or our email list is entered into this database. This is how the staff knows how to get in touch with you and also helps you easily sign up for events, pay for registrations, get placed into community groups, and check your kids into Sunday school.
To sign in, select the "Login" option once you've opened the app and type in the mobile number or email that you use to receive updates and info from NCFF. The app will then send a code to your email or mobile number that you can use to sign in.
If you do not have an account set up already, you can do so the first time you sign into the app. Once you get logged in with your phone number or email, you'll be able to provide your first and last name and have access to the app.

What happened to the other church app?

Our previous NCFF Church App, which has since closed down, was removed for a number of reasons. For one, it required a lot more back-end development that was being handled by a group of folks that are no longer living in our area. The app also didn't allow us to access a lot of the connection features that we were looking to implement. Both of these things coupled with a desire to create one place to connect is what drove us to close it down and move towards using Church Center exclusively.

How do I receive all-church communications?

After you download the app, be sure to select "ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS." That way, when your group sends you a message or we send out communications, you'll be notified right away.

How do I access online giving?

Once you are signed into the app, there is a link on the home page that takes you to the giving portal on the church website. Through there you can give and set up recurring giving as well.

What can I do with the app?

Currently, the available features are:
- Online Giving
- Groups messaging and connection
- NCKids and NCFF Youth Pre-Check
- Event and camp sign-ups and registrations
- Accessing the Church Calendar
- All-Church Emails and Communications
- Watching church online

But that's not all! As Church Center becomes a more useful tool and new features are added, we'll be pushing updates and more features in the future. If there is something you'd like to see or be able to do, please let us know so we can look into getting it added. We want this to be the most useful tool that it can be!

How do I connect with my groups?

Once you get signed in, at the bottom of the screen is a "Groups" tab. When you select that, you'll be able to see all of the groups you are currently registered to. After selecting a group, you'll be able to send group messages, see any upcoming events for that group, access relevant resources, and see the other members in the group (where applicable).
If you don't see a group that you are a part of, be sure to contact your group leader so they can get you signed up.

I am not able to download the app, do I miss out?

Not at all! All of the Church Center App features are fully available in a browser format as well. Simply visit to get connected.

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