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This is long, but please read it all!

North Coast Family Fellowship is here for you. Here’s what that means: We are committed to doing all we can to protect the North Coast community from Coronavirus. NCFF is equally committed to caring for the spiritual well-being of our church family and bringing the love of Jesus to all the people of our amazing coastal community. As such, please note the following:

* NCFF will be suspending all group meetings except through virtual means. Our Sunday Gatherings will be online only. This decision is in compliance with State of Oregon mandates. Throughout your daily encounters, please practice prudent social distancing. Our desire is to be good Christian citizens that reduce the risk of serious illness and death to our neighbors and ourselves.

* Each Sunday we will be posting Pastor John’s messages online along with some great worship music from Pastor Mark. You can also catch the messages via our various social media outlets which include Facebook, Instagram TV, YouTube, our NCFF App and our NCFF website (www.ncffchurch.org). If you require assistance connecting to any of these platforms please contact the church office. We’ll be glad to assist you. And yes, we know, this is not the same as being together personally. But it will still be a shared experience that we can all take part in during this extraordinarily difficult time. On the bright side, we’ve been needing to upgrade this aspect of NCFF’s outreach to our broadly scattered community for a long time!

* We will also be posting Children’s Ministries material so that our kids can continue to be taught about Jesus by the responsible adults in their home settings. Pastor AJ (aj@ncff.info) is available to anyone to help facilitate access to our children’s resources and to encourage you as you work with your kids to be sure they are being touched and reassured by the Gospel of Christ. Also, check out NC Kids on Facebook and on Instagram at seasidencff.

* We are encouraging Small Groups Ministries more than ever. But these groups have to be virtual. If you are in one, then make it a priority to get online together. If you are not in a small group, then reach out to some believers you love and form one yourselves. Remember, Pastor John’s messages will be online with discussion questions you can use to help everyone in your group grow spiritually as you grow closer together applying the teachings of God’s Word to life. This is a wake-up call for us all to realize anew how important it is to be relationally connected in small settings just like the early Christians were. For help with small groups please contact Pastor AJ (aj@ncff.info) or Pastor Mike  (mike@ncff.info).

* Our Student Ministries will be meeting using ZOOM. Pastor Brandon (brandon@ncff.info) and his leadership team will be connecting with our students via Instagram (Middle Schooler’s follow @north_coast_msm; High Schooler’s follow @north_coast_hsm), email, text and personal contact. Parents and students, please feel free to reach out to Pastor Brandon as you have need.

* NCFF’s Office is open Monday – Thursday from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Please feel free to call or stop by for prayer with one of our ministry staff or if you need assistance. Office Administrator, Marti Darcangelo (marti@ncff.info), her team of volunteers and Executive Pastor, Mike Hague (mike@ncff.info) are here to help. Please note: to protect our staff and keep us serving the church family, if you have had a cold, flu or any other illness, do not enter the church or office area for a minimum of 14 days after all symptoms have disappeared completely. Thanks for understanding.

* Please remember to financially support NCFF with your tithes and offerings during this challenging time. We continue to have salaries to pay, bills to meet, missionaries and life changing mission projects here and around the world to faithfully support. You can give online via our website; text our giving number, 503.738.1425; via our NCFF App; through Bill-Pay (contact Pastor Mike or your local bank for set-up assistance) or drop a check in the mail. You can also stop by the office to deposit your donation. We’d love to see you. Now more than ever, your faithful giving is so much appreciated!

* South County Food Bank is having increased need. Please stop by NCFF to get one of our “blue bags” to take with you when you go shopping. Fill the blue bag up with non-perishable food items and bring it back to NCFF. When we get enough full blue bags here at NCFF, we’ll get them over to the Food Bank for distribution to people in our area who sincerely need our help. Tyler Evans is a member of our church and a member of the board at the Food Bank. If you have any questions, you can email Tyler (trevans65@gmail.com).

Beloved, this is an unprecedented time in America and the world. Things are changing at a speed which none of can really stay up with. In one sense, I’d advise you to not even try. Instead, please take a moment to carefully consider these three verses from God’s Word. Psalms 46:10Our God says, “Calm down and learn that I am God! All the nations of the world will honor me.” Isaiah 18:4 “I look calmly down upon you from My home above,” says the LORD. Isaiah 30:15The holy God has told us all, “Turn back to me and calm down. I will make you strong if you quietly trust me.” Hmm, do you see a theme here? I think I do. Our God is calm, and He calls us to calm down so that He can speak courage into our lives, encouragement into our hearts and wisely direct our decisions in times such as these. In current circumstances where fear, rumor and panic seem to be predominant, it would be a really good move on our part to intentionally calm ourselves down before the Lord and realize anew that our God’s got it! And the more we get that, the more we can help our nervous neighbors get it as well.

Remember, if you need us, reach out to us. NCFF is a loving group of Jesus' followers who are here for each other and our community. And, keep posted to this website along with our other social media points of communication for updates, encouragement and direction. We will get through this by God’s grace for God’s glory. Luv ya …

Pastor John K. Nagle

P.S. We’d love to get your feedback and input regarding this post and all other future communications. Send your thoughts, prayer requests and encouragement to office@ncff.info.


503.738.7453  -  office@ncff.info

2245 North Wahanna Road, Seaside, OR 97138

Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday

Sunday Gatherings: 9:00 & 10:45 a.m.