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NOTE: You are getting my weekly update today, instead of tomorrow, because I want to get the good news out to you sooner than the normal, Saturday, communique.

This Sunday, Paul Brooks-Dudgeon will be starting his ministry at NCFF as our new Pastor of Worship Arts. I want to share with you a little bit of what Paul will be doing this Sunday, and then a bit about who Paul is, so that you can begin to get to know him on a more personal level.  

All of us in leadership are so very excited to welcome Paul to our church, and for him to begin leading our body of believers in praise of our God. I think you and your family are going to be greatly encouraged and spiritually blessed by the worship leadership training & experience that Paul possesses (believe me, it shows!); the heart for Jesus & His Church that Paul lives; and the specific vision for worship ministry that Paul brings to NCFF.

Let’s start with some personal stuff to know about Paul. He’s been described as “chill” in the sense of relaxed and relational. He’s a calm sort of guy that you will like because you will sense that he likes you. Paul is good at what he does. He has been leading worship ever since he was in high school! He is a graduate of Northwest University (a Christian university in Kirkland, Washington) with a degree in Ministry Leadership. Paul has also done specialized training in worship at the Calvary Chapel School of Worship in Costa Mesa, California. Paul is a family man. He is married to Sarah, and together they have a 10-month-old little son, named Deacon. Sarah is a certified teacher working on her master’s degree. She was also employed at their previous church (Crossroads Bible Church, Bellevue, Washington) in children’s ministry. And Deacon, well, he’s just a little charmer! NCFF is going to find it very easy to love and embrace this young family.

There are a number of things that attracted us to Paul for the position of worship pastor here at NCFF. He’s had good training. He’s also had extensive experience in worship leading. The church he was previously serving in is over 2,000 in attendance. Paul learned a lot there that will enable us to grow in terms of our worship and our outreach to the community. Our NCFF staff, when they met and worked a bit with Paul, found him to be a great addition to the team. He is someone who will contribute good ideas and build team spirit. The worship team members who worked with Paul, when he ministered here as part of the interview process, were very enthusiastic about his musicality and his ability to lead really well. If you were at NCFF the Sunday that Paul led worship, then you know what I mean.    

This Sunday, we’re going to give NCFF an opportunity to get to know Paul in a focused manner. To pull this off, we’re going to do two things. First, we’ll be taking sort of a “Paul unplugged” approach to worship. Paul is going to lead, by himself, with his acoustic guitar and from the keyboard. We thought this would be a good way for the church family to initially engage together with Paul. Second, I’ll be interviewing Paul so that each of us can learn more about his walk with Christ and his heart for our Lord. I know you’re going to enjoy hearing Paul share.

If you are part of our onsite congregation, then you’ll experience this live. If you are part of our online congregation, since we pre-record rather than livestream, we’ll be recording the interview and posting it on Wednesday (or sooner) next week. And just so that you know, once Paul gets established, we will be working to upgrade our equipment and capability so that we can livestream our services. We’ve not done that up to this point because we were able to produce better quality recording due to equipment limitations for livestreaming. That will change in the next couple of months, Lord willing.

I can hardly wait for Sunday to arrive. Please be praying for Paul, Sarah & Deacon as they unpack and settle in. Please be praying for the strengthening of our worship ministry as Paul takes leadership. Please be praying for REVIVAL at NCFF (starting with each of us individually) and for a true SPIRITUAL AWAKENING in the lives of the precious unbelievers all around us. Remember: NCFF is here to love Jesus; love others; and to love others to Jesus. Now’s the time! 

Luv ya …

Pastor John





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