10.23.21 Saturday E-Blast

Happy Saturday NCFF!
Some people love them. Other people hate them. I’m talking about those carnival rides that spin you, topple you, hang you upside down, twirl you in every direction and turn you inside out. They have fear-inspiring names like American Thunder, The Cyclone of Death, Megafobia, or The Beast. But no matter what they’re called, they pretty much have one purpose, and that is to completely disorient you. The goal is to temporarily turn your brain to mush while completely destroying your ability to stand! And yes, that’s what we call fun. 😊
On a spiritual level, Satan wants to disorient you and me. When it comes to the devil, it’s never a matter of fun and games. Rather, it is eternally serious business. This is why we’re studying Jude 1-2 tomorrow at our worship gatherings (9:00 & 10:45 AM). I’m calling the message “ORIENTATION” because these two opening verses of Jude give us God’s clear perspective on the spiritual orientation every Christian needs to handle this roller-coaster ride called “life.” I think you’ll find these verses will help you think clearly and stand firm spiritually as you follow Jesus.  

Also tomorrow, Crissy Christian (NCFF’s Missions Director) will be updating us about her recent trip to Kenya and the ministries we support there. She has some difficult news to report along with some super encouraging developments to share with us. You will be blessed by Crissy’s passion for helping people (children especially) discover Jesus and have the basics they need for life.  
Speaking of missions, there are two other things I need to mention to you. First, please remember to fill up your Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes and start bringing them back to NCFF this Sunday. Millions of these special gifts are annually distributed by missionaries all over the world and have been effectively used to open doors, time after time, for the spread of the Gospel to unsaved people who are responding to Jesus.
Also, the South County Foodbank has asked our church for donations of canned pumpkin and canned cranberries. This is in addition to the regular food drive we do on the first Sunday of each month. The Food Bank volunteers use these items in the Thanksgiving Baskets they create to share with local families in need of help during the Holidays. They are making the baskets now, so you can bring these items by the church anytime you wish, or drop them off at the South County Food Bank at 2041 N. Roosevelt Drive, Seaside, during their hours of operation.  
Beloved, the COVID pandemic has caused many Christians to become disoriented spiritually. In October 2021, this disorientation is often manifested as fear, a critical spirit, and an unprecedented lack of solid commitment to the local church. All the more reason to invite you to join us tomorrow at NCFF as we gather to worship the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. NCFF needs you and you need your church. It’s all a part of how the Holy Spirit orients God’s children to follow Jesus and change the world. Praying for you.

Luv ya!

Pastor John K. Nagle

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