9.25.21 Saturday E-Blast

September 25, 2021
Happy Saturday NCFF,

One of the “constants” of life is that adaptations are continually required. Things change and when they do, some sort of opportunity is being given to us by God. This is true not only for the life of an individual, but also for the life of a church ministry such as ours.

Things are adapting at NCFF because God has brought about some changes and is giving us new opportunities. Part of my leadership is to keep our church family informed of the adjustments.

Two weeks ago, Forrest Koch, one of our most cherished church leaders, went home to be with Jesus. Also, Mike Hague wrapped up his ministry with us this past week. We will miss Forrest ‘til we meet him in Heaven and we will miss having Mike’s constant helpfulness available to us here in the office. Those are the changes, now I want to tell you about the opportunities and the adjustments.

Both Forrest & Mike played the lead roles in terms of church finances. They were a great team. One of my first questions for the Lord was to ask Him how He wanted NCFF to manage its resources with this new situation. I am thankful that His answer came swiftly because, I have to admit, I was a bit anxious. We are so blessed to have Rosey Howell as a long-term part of our church family and Marti Darcangelo as a part of our ministry staff. Rosey is a CPA and Marti has a background of business ownership utilizing QuickBooks. Together, they will be NCFF’s great new team, working to keep our financial house in proper working order. They are assisted by some outstanding volunteers that include Tim Ragan, Tyler Evans, and Dennis Gantenbein. A recently retired bookkeeper will also be volunteering her services starting in October.

I am excited to share that Joe Ballard will be stepping up to play a larger pastoral role. Joe has been providing oversight for the care and cleaning of our church campus. He has also, for the last number of years, been in formal training for ministry leadership. Joe now has an opportunity to put that training to use. He will continue to oversee campus care, but we have contracted with an assistant to him, Ruth Boylan, to assume the cleaning of our facility, along with a host of wonderful volunteers. Ruth and her husband Bill, are a wonderful part of our church family. Joe’s responsibility will be expanding into more of a pastoral role as he takes on leadership of Adult Discipleship at NCFF. Joe will be overseeing all adult discipleship ministry at NCFF, including adult Sunday School classes, small groups, men’s & women’s Bible studies, etc. It is a major goal of NCFF to develop a significant expansion of adult discipleship.

For now, most of the daily operations leadership that was assigned to Mike will be assumed by me. We have decided to not fill the executive pastor position at this time.  

As a reminder, Sarah Brooks-Dudgeon is serving as our Interim Director of Children’s Ministry. Right now, our children’s ministry has a lot of really amazing openings for service to our kids and grandkids. Please consider joining Sarah’s team to help NCFF’s children grow up to be devoted to Jesus and His Church. We want to raise up a new generation of kids who come to faith in Jesus at NCFF and are taught to be faithful to Jesus by NCFF.

Preschool continues its fledgling first month at NCFF. Admittedly, we have had a few start-up challenges as we’ve gotten going. However, at the same time, we are seeing the Lord work and are very optimistic about the future of this community outreach through children. Thanks to Arlene Stahly and Patti Craig for the outstanding job they are doing as our preschool teachers. If I was in preschool, I’d want to go to Arlene’s & Patti’s preschool!

Whew, that’s a lot of updating! Thanks for taking an interest in all of this. Now, I want to invite you to church tomorrow at NCFF, either online or on campus. I’m calling the message for tomorrow, LIFE LESSONS ON LOVEABILITY. The passage of Scripture that we’ll be studying is 3 John 1-8. It is all about a little-known Bible character, named Gaius, that you’ve probably never heard anything about.
Here’s the cool thing: the little we do know about Gaius, teaches us so much about loving other people to Jesus by loving like Jesus. Paul has some wonderful music put together that we can offer in praise and worship to Jesus.

Also, as a reminder, we are planning a farewell evening of appreciation for Mike and Eva Hague on Monday, October 11. If you would like to donate to a monetary “love gift” for pastor Mike & Eva, you may do so between now and October 11.

Please join us in person at 9:00 AM or 10:45 AM on campus, or watch us online at 9:00 AM. I’m praying for you all as you tune-in or show-up.

Luv ya!
Pastor John K. Nagle

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