9.11.21 Saturday E-Blast

September 11, 2021
Happy Saturday NCFF!
Tomorrow we will re-open our NCFF campus for Sunday worship gatherings and onsite ministries throughout the week. Thank you, Jesus!  We can’t hardly wait to welcome you through the doors again. I hope many of you can come!

And by the way, thanks to everyone who has continued to support the ministry of our church prayerfully and financially during these past few weeks. These are stressful times, and the need for NCFF to bring the Gospel to our area, both online and on campus, is greater now than ever before.

Tomorrow, at our 9:00 am & 10:45 am worship gatherings, we’ll resume our Scripture study series in the Bible books of 2 John, 3 John and Jude. These are three of the shortest books in the New Testament, so we’ve labeled them POSTCARDS FROM PARADISE.”

Specifically, we’ll give attention to 2 John 1:7, where the Apostle John wrote, “Many deceivers (false teachers) are in the world denying that Jesus Christ is a real person who came to earth in an actual human body. These persons are deceivers and antichrists. In that verse, the two critically important terms that every Christian has to understand are deceivers and antichrists. Why? First, because each follower of Jesus must be fully prepared to avoid the deceptions of this world’s false spiritual teachers. They are proliferating in our day, just as they did 2,000 years ago in the Apostle John’s time. Second, all believers must be very careful to not fall victim to the most wicked person to ever walk our planet, the coming Antichrist. This Sunday, we’ll concentrate on how to identify false spiritual teachings (deception) by being reminded of the true teachings of God’s Word. Listen: What we believe matters because it determines how we behave. If we want to live God’s way, then we need to be guided and motivated by the unchanging truths of God’s Word! I’m calling the message, “WHAT YOU BELIEVE MATTERS.”  Additionally, Pastor Paul has some great worship songs for us to sing in praise of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Plus, we’ve got some great lessons planned for the kids.

We do ask that during our services that everyone please wear a mask while on campus and practice all safety protocols out of love for one another. This is not only for your sake, but to love your neighbor and help us all gather together! for those of you watching online, we will be live streaming our 9:00am service.

One other thing to share with you about this coming week. On Monday, NCFF’s new preschool begins! We call it NCPRE.  Arlene Stahly and Patti Craig are our two wonderful preschool teachers who will initially be welcoming 12 beautiful children to this special ministry. Please be praying for this newest ministry of NCFF as it is launched. Our hope and prayer are that many families will be blessed and helped by a growing relationship with Jesus as they raise their children.
God bless each one of you. Luv ya!
Pastor John K. Nagle

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