7.30.21 Eblast

July 30, 2021
Happy Saturday (oops, I mean Friday), NCFF!

Yep, you’re receiving this weekend’s “e-blast” a day early because I want to give you some extra advance notice about a special event happening in this coming Sunday’s worship gatherings. I want to share with you about an opportunity for NCFF to do a Christian act of goodness, in the Name of Jesus, for a beloved family in need, here in our Clatsop County community. This is something I know we’ll all want to be part of.

Specifically, I’m referring to blessing the family of recently deceased Astoria police officer, Sam Whisler. Sam died of natural causes at home, July 9. He was only 26. Sam leaves behind a young wife and a young toddler daughter.

Here’s how NCFF can help. As you know, the 1st Sunday of each month is when NCFF always takes up a second offering (the “benevolence offering”) at the doors upon the close of our worship time together. The purpose of this monthly offering is normally to help folks within our own church family who are needing support. For this Sunday, we want to re-direct that offering to assist Sam Whisler’s young widow and child. I ask you to join with Becky and me in giving generously to this Sunday’s benevolence offering. I am convinced that the Holy Spirit is giving our church a huge opportunity to show this precious little family the love of Jesus through a loving act of financial blessing from NCFF! You can give on-campus, online at our website or through our app. This is all about God caring for this family through us. PLEASE HELP. You can call the church office if you need further info.

Also, this Sunday we collect our BLUE BAG offering of food for the South County Food Bank. Last month, our food offering was a little lower than normal. I want to encourage you to go to the store and get some non-perishable groceries, bring them to church with you this Sunday. Please, consider being a bit more generous than usual. I know Becky and I are planning to be. If you haven’t previously been part of this all-church ministry, well then, now is the time to make it a priority. This is a simple way and a tangible act by which NCFF makes a Jesus honoring difference in our local area.

Marc Hagman, Executive Director at Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center, will be sharing God’s Word with us this Sunday. Marc and his family are a much beloved part of our church and is a favorite guest Bible teacher at NCFF. We also will have our dear friend and former interim worship leader, Kayton Garcia, guiding worship for us this Sunday and next. As you know, Pastor Paul and Sarah are expecting “baby #2” this month. For August, we are having guest worship leaders with us, so that Paul can be free to be there for Sarah and care for family matters. We are excited for this big event!

God bless you. Luv ya!
Pastor John K. Nagle

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