7.17.21 Saturday Eblast

Happy Saturday NCFF …

This has been an absolutely amazing week of Vacation Bible School (VBS) here on the campus of North Coast Family Fellowship. I want to give you a quick report of what the Holy Spirit did in the lives of children and volunteers. “DESTINATION DIG” was a five-day spiritually active adventure that explored the trustworthiness of God’s Word via archaeological sites that are actual places mentioned in the Bible. The kids discovered that Scripture is no fairy tale, no comic book story and no mere superhero fantasy. Rather, the Bible is all about real places, real events, real people and a real God who is really supernatural!

I wish each of you could have been here to witness the Lord working at NCFF. Jesus brought together a staff of over 70 folks who poured their hard work, love and prayers into the lives of well over 100 children each day. The atmosphere was electric. Many of the kids placed their faith in the Lord Jesus as their God and Savior. Others grew in their faithfulness to Christ. All had fun!  Parents expressed tons of gratitude to NCFF for being willing to do this ministry now in light of the toll COVID has taken on churches this past year. One worker, a senior in our church, told Becky and me that this VBS ministry made her feel more “energized” and “alive” than she had since her husband went to Heaven a number of years ago! Those words are not only inspirational, but they also beautifully describe the impact God had on everyone around here.

Our VBS team makes me so proud and so grateful. God was working powerfully in the team and through the team. VBS 2021 was good for our local community because there were many unchurched kids and families that came and heard how fantastic Jesus is. It was equally good for NCFF because, coming out of COVID, it proved that (by God’s grace) our church still has what it takes to bring the Gospel to Clatsop County. Now more than ever, the goal of NCFF is to help people come to faith in Jesus and to help Christians grow in faithfulness to Jesus.

Tomorrow is going to be a great opportunity for our church family to join together and worship Jesus in spirit and in truth. We’ll have a video review of VBS highlights, and the worship team will lead us in musical praise to God. I’ll be sharing with you a message that I’m calling, “STEP OUT OF COVID.” Every now and then, the Lord speaks to a teaching pastor and lays a special word to the church on that pastor’s heart. I feel that the Lord has done this with me, and I am looking forward to sharing that message with each of you. Please, make it your priority to come with an open mind and a heart that is truly ready-to-receive. See you then. Luv ya lots …

John K. Nagle
Lead Pastor
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