4.10.21 Saturday E-Blast

Happy Saturday NCFF …

Easter Sunday was a wonderful Sunday for our church family. I was told at this week’s staff meeting that between our onsite & online worship gatherings, NCFF reached well over a thousand people with the Gospel. Thank you, Jesus! Please be praying with me regarding the long-term impact of Easter 2021 upon the lives of all those 1000+ folks.

Also, last week, we closed out our Sunday studies in the Bible book of 1 John. I have loved teaching 1 John, and I look ahead with anticipation to teaching through 2 & 3 John, along with Jude, this summer. However, for the next 10 weeks NCFF will be undertaking a Biblically centered discipleship journey / study / experience called …


This Sunday, my teaching will be introducing the Scriptural foundations for ROOTED; in other words, what discipleship is and why it matters. It excites me to realize that we will be joining with Bible-teaching-churches from all around the world to discover what the Bible has to say to us about discipleship, one of Jesus’ favorite topics.

Here’s how ROOTED can best work for everyone involved.  There are 3 component parts to it: First, each Sunday I’ll teach a MESSAGE that shares the truths of God’s Word about that week’s discipleship emphasis; Second, private MOMENTS between you and God as you personally contemplate what it means to be a disciple of Jesus; Third, MEETING in a small group to encourage one another to put into practice what we’re learning. This will involve discussing together what the Word is teaching you and to pray about how the Holy Spirit is leading you. You don’t have to do all three to benefit from ROOTED. However, I’d like to ask you to do all three because that’s how you’ll have the best experience of spiritual growth.

If you’d like to prepare your heart for tomorrow, I’d suggest that you read Matthew 15:13; Ephesians 3:14-19 and Colossians 2:6-7. Also, please pray for this new series. Bottom-line, ROOTED is designed to help us grow our roots deeper into Christ so that our walk with Jesus will be fuller and our witness for Jesus will branch out farther.

Hope that you’ll join us onsite or online. Please invite your friends to so also. Luv ya …

Pastor John K. Nagle
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