4.03.21 Saturday Eblast

Happy Saturday NCFF …
EASTER CANCELLED?  Not this year …

In fact, it is entirely possible that Jesus is going to Rapture His Church this Easter. Ok, I can’t quite guarantee that; but, ya never know. And, by the way, I’m writing this Saturday E-blast to you on Thursday, April 1. 😊

Seriously, this Easter is so much better than last year when NCFF (along with most church buildings around the globe) was closed down for Resurrection Day. Now make no mistake, the Church (God’s people) wasn’t shut down. It was just our buildings. Still, I have to admit, it did feel very isolating and frustrating to not be able to open wide the doors and gather everyone inside to shout out … HE IS RISEN.

Well, Praise God! That will not be the case this year. Easter 2021 will be in full swing tomorrow at NCFF. We will be together. We will sing together. We will pray together. We will bless & encourage together. And, it will all be done together … as one … with Jesus.

I’m so glad Easter 2021 is here. It is time for a spiritual renewal. As your pastor, I see clearly how these past 12+ months have been very hard on the spiritual lives of many of God’s children. Across our nation and even in our church some believers have become more fearful than faithful. Some believers have not just isolated, they have also separated. In an effort to stay well, some believers have become spiritually stagnant. This is not judgment on my part. Rather, it is a simple observation shared by thousands of spiritual leaders in America. And it comes with a definitely timely and potentially transformative invitation …

Tomorrow you are invited to join in the Easter Renewal at NCFF. Whether onsite or online, I invite you to recommit your heart and soul to fully following Jesus with all your heart and soul. It is time to reconnect. Sure, stay healthy physically, but more importantly, get in shape spiritually. Be done with whatever has been “chipping away” at your walk with Jesus and let the Holy Spirit get you back in stride with the Lord and His people. Here on the North Coast of Oregon (or whatever part of the country & world you join us from online) there is this huge need for believers to bow at the feet of Jesus, embrace one another in love and choose to personally get with God’s plan. Actually, I believe this is an Easter step-of-faith that many of you have been sensing the Holy Spirit calling you to take. Good. I’ll take it with you. The more we do so, the more we will lead people to Jesus and help them experience spiritual transformation.    

Hope to see you onsite tomorrow or have you see NCFF online tomorrow. Either way, I luv ya. He Is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed!
Pastor John K. Nagle

P. S. Easter is a great time to invite people to church. We have a video that shows just how easy it is to invite your friends to Easter. Please click on this link to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8PtETwWYJ4
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