NC Kids

Birth to 5th grade

NC Kids provides a strategy to help children grow in their relationship with Jesus by inciting wonder, provoking discovery and fueling passion through Scripture. NC Kids is based on TRIBE: Truth, Relationship, In the Word, Building community and Encouragement. Kids have fun learning what it means to be a TRIBE for Jesus.

Our goal is to partner with parents to create the future world changers grounded in the Bible!

For the Nursery through Preschool, children will learn God made me, God loves me and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. Our small groups are divided by age, Nursery is birth through 24 months, 2&3 years old and 4&5 years old.

Elementary children will focus on three basic truths; I should treat others the way I want to be treated, I need to make the wise choice, and I can trust God no matter what! The small groups are Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd&3rd grades, 4th&5th grades.

For more information or questions please contact Pastor AJ Johnson.