NC Kids

Birth to 5th grade

NC Kids is a scripture based Sunday morning kids ministry that focuses on exposing kids to scripture and giving them a chance to meet Jesus - in flesh, community and scripture.

Flesh - Each week a kid will be in class with a trained leader who cares about seeing Christ formed in their precious lives. (Galatians 4:19) The teacher will be prepared to connect with them individually, set a safe environment in the class with them and their peers, and help facilitate fun activities that tie into the lesson. They will be able to focus not only on information, but understanding and applying the Biblical lesson. 

Community - Together with kids their age, they will be learning about Jesus and building a relationship with him.

Scripture - The Gospel Project goes through the Bible in a 3 year span. It shows how the Bible points to Jesus and they will be given a 'Christ connection'. Each unit has a Bible song that will teach the kids a verse of the Bible that they can easily remember going forward in their life. This will build a foundation for them as they seek to go deeper in their personal walk with the Lord. 

There are also resources for you the parent to take home each week to equip you to disciple your child. I look forward to walking with you on this journey.

For more information or questions please contact Pastor AJ Johnson.